Patient Aid


There are only two ways to live your life, One is through nothing is a
miracle, The other is as through every thing is a miracle.

HCG Foundation holds hands with financially challenged patients and puts them on the path of swift recovery. HCG Foundation has financially assisted and given a hope to more than 1300 patients.

How Our Outreach Program Works

  • The Doctor meets the patient, and see’s if the patient needs aid and then they inform the patient coordinator or MSW
  • Medico- Social Worker (MSW) than identifies the patient who requires subsidized or free care
  • Medico social workers work closely with the patient and identify the ones suffering from an economically poor background.
  • The Patient Coordinator of HCG Foundation with the PRO then evaluates the financial condition of the patient and refers them to HCG Foundation Director
  • The evaluation is based on various parameters such as age, family details, occupation, family income etc.
    The patient details are filled out in a confidential form and sent to the Foundation.
  • Applications for funding are evaluated before acceptance to help
  • Based on the recommendations sent by Patient Coordinator, the Director of the foundation or the Managing Trustee approves him/her for free or subsidized care.
  • Consultant concessions are also granted.
  • Patients are treated at the nearest HCG Hospital.