Kashish, 6

6 Year old Kashish since last January has undergone more than 10 cycles of chemotherapy, he cannot go out and play and is confined to the premises of his home. He has lost his school friends since he stopped going to school last year. He has lost his hair feel really discomforting and gets conscious about it. All of this sadness is due to the fact that Kashish is suffering from one of the most dreadful diseases called blood cancer (leukemia) and would take another three years to get completely cured of the disease. His parents have exhausted all their network and seek support in funding his medical treatment ahead. Kashish would require few more rounds of chemotherapy and would also require medications in order to become healthy again.

Anjanna, 9

This 9-year-old child was diagnosed with leukemia. After dropping out of grade school in order to complete her treatment, she was devastated; her hope of one day becoming an English teacher seemed unachieveable. Luckily, she was connected with the HCG Foundation and has resumed life as a typical little girl. Unfortunately we lost her at the age of 13.

Leo Benedict, 58

Being the sole breadwinner of the family and caring for his wife, family, and sister this man holds a lot of pride. Well that pride was torn away from Mr. Leo Benedict’s hands when he was diagnosed with Carcinoma of the lower lip. His pride was  pushed further away after going through surgery.  Once your pride is ripped away your hope is next to being invisible.  Mr. Benedict almost lost hope after realizing that he had no way to pay his medical bills and support his family that also has medical expenses.  Thankfully, HCG Foundation came to his aid and helped restore his hope and pride when a certain amount was given to take care of his medical expenses. Mr. Benedict can now get back to supporting his family with more pride than he did before knowing that the HCG Foundation was there to support him and will continue to be there to support him and his family.


Coming from a tragic background, where his father was killed during the riots and his mother left incapacitated, Peter was not equipped to handle his diagnosis of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Unable to afford treatment in his native country of Kenya, Peter’s prayers were answered when previously treated African patients sponsored his trip to Bangalore for cancer care treatment. Peter has already shown vast improvement and will be returning to Nairobi shortly.

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