Shringeri, 21

For the last two months, 21-year -old Shringeri has been battling malignant cancer called Mullerian Tumor. Shringeri is a simple college going student who has been unable to attend college due to her condition. All she wants to do is go back home and to her life.Unfortunately, Shringeri’s parents do not have the funds required to afford her chemotherapy and her concerned that due to this their daughter will not get the treatment she deserves. Shringeri underwent Laparotomy surgery with the financial aid of HCG Foundation. HCG Foundation is raising fund for her further treatment. Please contribute to our account and aid this brave girl.

Madhumita, 13

Madhumita is a promise of a better tomorrow. She looks forward to meeting her teachers after every exam. She is good in academics and in sports. At 13, she is very understanding of our limitations as parents. Around 4 months ago, during the compulsory, routine health check-up in her government school, Madhumita told the doctor that she had some trouble reading words written on the board. on further check ups she was diagnosed with cancer. She is undergoing treatment at HCG Enterprises Bangalore, with the financial support from HCG Foundation.

Prabhu, 23

Prabhu is currently pursuing M.Tech at REVA Institute of Technology and Management in Bengaluru. He is the first in his family to go to college. His parents are farmers who struggled hard to educate him and gift a life they never had. The same parents are now toiling day and night to save their son’s life. Prabhu excels in studies. A few months in college and he would be able to support his entire family. His dream is to pull his family out of this situation. Now, he is in a critical condition unsure about his future.
HCG Foundation is raising money to support his treatment.

Anjanna, 9

This 9-year-old child was diagnosed with leukemia. After dropping out of grade school in order to complete her treatment, she was devastated; her hope of one day becoming an English teacher seemed unachieveable. Luckily, she was connected with the HCG Foundation and has resumed life as a typical little girl. Unfortunately we lost her at the age of 13.

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