Things Get Solved If You Get Involved

We work closely with enterprises and individuals ensuring constructive partnerships which will benefit financially challenged cancer patients. We appreciate the efforts of the companies and individuals who have associated with us and supported us in many ways.
We encourage companies and individuals with philanthropic values to partner with us, so that together we can fight cancer. There are many opportunities that companies and individuals could explore with us and partner with us for.

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Below are some of our latest partnership campaigns:

SD Foundation

Ayur Raksha program of SD Foundation is providing financial aid to paediatric patients from financially challenged background, recommended by HCG Foundation since 2016. Each patient can get benefits for a sum of Rs.50,000 through this program.


The Toy Bank collects toys, restores them and then distributes them to children who need them. Toy Bank donated toys to HCG Foundation to make a pleasant atmosphere for the kids who visit HCG Hospital for treatment. Toys are available in the play room of HCG K R Centre Bangalore, HCG D R Centre Bangalore and HCG Bharath Hospital, Mysore.

Child Help Foundation

Through the Medical support program of Child Help Foundation, the paediatric patients recommended by HCG Foundation will be aided financially for cancer treatment.

Child Vikas Foundation

Medical support program of Child Vikas Foundation along with HCG Foundation provides complete aid for needy paediatric patients for surgery, chemotherapy and radiation.