Mobile Cancer Bus Diagnostic Clinic


Aiming at overcoming the hurdle of transportation that comes in the way of medical treatment, HCG Foundation, in association with Infosys Foundation, launched a mobile cancer in 2014; Staffed with a doctor, nurse and paramedical staff (around five in all), the clinic is equipped with mammography, x-ray system, ultrasound system, pathology and lab. The mobile cancer clinic is deployed in Gulbarga to cater to districts in north Karnataka, the clinic is a boon to people in the remote areas. The mobile clinic creates accessibility to advanced cancer screening and early diagnosis. It is a fully sufficient bus with advanced technology which helps in creating awareness by disseminating information about cancer through a television fitted inside the mobile clinic with provision to beam images onto a screen outside.

The incidence of head and neck cancer and cervical cancer is high in rural areas. With early diagnosis one can find better approach to cancer treatment.

The Mobile Bus Clinic will serve the purpose of disseminating educational awareness on Cancer and Cancer diagnoses and screening. In so doing the furthest mile will be reached on the education of cancer through the use of the Mobile Bus Clinic.

The goal of the mobile bus clinic is to leverage pre-existing infrastructure in the local communities to continue to educate and diagnosis and detect at the early stage in rural communities.