Awareness & Fundraising


No act of Kindness , no matter how small, is very wasted.

In a health care system where cancer public health is yet to find its due importance and where there are no national or state level cancer screening programmes with health insurance facilities only available to a fraction of the population, the role of voluntary organizations in running cancer primary health care services becomes vitally important.

The HCG Foundation therefore engages in cancer awareness generation events regularly. The volunteers and staff of HCG Foundation extend their realm of work and reach out to different populations with the message of Cancer prevention. Participation in various activities to disseminate information on cancer risk factors, importance of cancer screening and early detection of disease is a regular feature.

HCG Foundation has developed special modules for the corporate sector organizations where technical and highly professional employees are provided relevant information on the risk of cancer they are more likely to encounter in their life due to specific occupational demands and how to cope with it.